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We Want to Help You Flourish

Like you, we are excited about the end of cannabis prohibition. Like you, we are an early brand builder having helped launch Hit!Balm and Miller's Herbal plant based medicines. We founded Pollinator to share what we've learned, tools we've built and suppliers that we trust. 

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, CBD, Topicals

Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Our goal is to provide artisanal manufacturers with "superior breeds" of Hemp oil grown in the sunny, pristine foothills of Colorado at the base of the Rocky Mountains. With a full suite of cannabinoids and terpenes, our oils will ensure that your products provide the full entourage effect to maximize the amazing healing potential of full spectrum hemp extracts.


Our Promise to You

All of our hemp oils are cannabinoid rich and certified by an independent lab to be potent and safe. We provide QR codes that you can use for your products which link bank to the specific certificates of analysis for your batch. We promise to deliver you the highest quality product at a reasonable price and in quantities appropriate for small batch manufacturers.   


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